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Welcome to Official RedAQ Wiki Icons Page! This page will help you to get information by editing items. Hope you can find the information faster. Cheer!!

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Icon Name Link
misc.png Bag
Sword_Table.png Sword
Dagger_Table.png Dagger
Polearm_Table.png Polearn
Mace_Table.png Mace
Gun_Table.png Gun
Axe_Table.png Axe
Staff_Table.png Staff
Wand_Table.png Wand
Helmet_table.png Helmet
Armor_Table.png Armor
class_table.png Class
Cloak_Table.png Cape
Pet_Table.png Pet
house_table.png House/House Item
acsmall.png Acs
raresmall.png Rare
specialsmall.png Special Offer
staffonlysmall Staff only
seasonalsmall.png Seasonal
vipsmall.png vip
legendsmall.png Legend
aclarge.png AC Large
rarelarge.png Large RARE
1oj5kvC.png Large VIP
speciallarge.png Special Offer Large
seasonallarge.png Seasonal Large